Sell to a Cash Buyer And Save Time and Hidden Expenses

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Selling property from afar can feel like solving a complex puzzle without seeing all the pieces. As of 2022, the homeownership rate in the United States is 65.8%. This number shows a significant preference for homeownership in the country, especially in Southern California, where beautiful weather, diverse culture, and thriving economy make it a desirable place to live. Would it be possible to sell property from out-of-state in this region?

Common Problems With Selling Out-Of-State Properties

According to a report by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), 16% of for-sale-by-owner (FSBO) sellers found getting the right price to be their biggest challenge. 13% said it was paperwork, 10% for selling within the planned duration, and 6% for preparing or fixing up their home for sale. Now, being out of state can amplify these challenges.

Setting a competitive yet fair price for your property can be tricky without being physically present to assess the local market, stage the property, or consult with real estate professionals. Moreover, each state has its unique set of legal requirements for selling property, which can be difficult to navigate from afar.

Sell to a Cash Buyer And Save Time and Hidden Expenses

In another report by NAR, 89% of buyers acquired their homes with the assistance of a real estate agent or broker, while 6% bought their homes directly from the owner. Selling with a real estate agent is advantageous. However, if you’re looking to sell property from out-of-state and time is of the essence, selling to a cash buyer may be a more practical option.

Cash buyers purchase properties outright without needing mortgage financing. This approach significantly simplifies and speeds up the transaction process, eliminating the waiting periods associated with loan approvals, appraisals, and other lender-imposed contingencies.

For out-of-state sellers, selling to cash buyers means sidestepping various closing costs, realtor commissions, and preparation, saving on both hidden expenses and time.

San Bernardino, Riverside, Orange County, Upland, and Pomona

We Buy Houses in Any Condition (San Bernardino, Riverside, Orange County, Upland, and Pomona)

We Buy Any House in Any Condition and Any Life Situation

My Home Sold is the leading cash buyer in Southern California, understanding that each seller’s circumstances are unique. You can sell property from out-of-state, and we’ll buy it, no matter the condition, location, or motivation.

  • Family Issues: Whether settling an estate among heirs or needing to relocate for elder care, we provide swift solutions.
  • Home Upgrades: We offer a hassle-free way to sell your home as-is, allowing you to focus on finding your next dream home.
  • Avoiding Foreclosure: We specialize in fast, cash purchases that avoid the negative impact of foreclosure on your credit scores and financial future.
  • Tired Landlords: Managing rental properties can become overwhelming, particularly with difficult tenants, maintenance issues, and the financial strain of vacant units.
  • Divorce: Our process expedites settlement, offering a fair cash amount and a quick close so that both parties can move forward with their lives.
  • Inherited Property: While sometimes a blessing, the inherited property can also present complications, especially regarding taxes, upkeep, and shared ownership among heirs.
  • Relocation: Career advancements or personal circumstances can lead to relocation needs, emphasizing the importance of a quick and efficient selling process.
  • Downsized Homes: We make downsizing easy by purchasing your larger home swiftly, freeing you to invest in a property that fits your current needs better.
  • Health or Medical Issues: Unexpected health or medical issues often necessitate quick access to cash and can make traditional home sales impractical due to the time and effort required.
  • Avoiding Bankruptcies: Selling your property for cash can offer a lifeline, providing the financial means to avoid bankruptcy and start anew.

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(San Bernardino, Riverside, Orange County, Upland, and Pomona) in Any Condition

We Buy Houses As-Is in Southern California

Get Cash Fast and Move Away

At My Home Sold, it only takes three steps to sell property from out-of-state.

Step 1: Let Us Know You’re Selling

We’ll evaluate your property regardless of its condition.

Step 2: Accept Our Cash Offer

We’ll give you a no-obligation, free cash offer based on your property’s condition and market value.

Step 3: Close the Deal

Once you accept our offer, we’ll close the deal on your timeline, whether that means closing quickly or giving you more time.

With us, you get cash fast and move away from the problems. We take care of it all!

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My Home Sold has helped countless people looking for a fresh start in San Bernardino, Riverside, Orange County, Upland, and Pomona. Read testimonials from our delighted clients and discover the reason for our consistent A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

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